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Life is too short to stay stuck.

It's time for change.

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Together we'll connect to your truest self, get clear on what you want, and figure out how to get it.

Build Healthy Relationships

We'll dig deep and explore the stories that keep you settling for less than what you deserve.

Find Fulfilling Work

"That was fun!" - what you'll be saying at the end of your days. Together we'll discover the work that lights you up. 

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It's nice to meet you...

Hey, I’m Annie. 

Feeling trapped in a life that’s not what you’d hoped for totally fucking sucks. I know. I’ve been there too, girl. 

Seriously, I've been stuck in the same place you are right now:

  • Dead-end, unfulfilling jobs
  • Shitty relationships from “meh” to abusive and soul-sucking
  • Having to find yourself again after leaving those garbage relationships
  • Not really knowing who you are or what you want anymore

Now, as a Change Maker,  I help women get out of those ruts and see new possibilities for their lives.

Seriously, I love the work I get to do in the world. It's so inspiring to see women step into their power!

Keep Reading...

After breaking free from those cycles, I get to spend my days:

  • Doing work I fucking love, helping women just like you find and create their most awesome lives.
  • Supporting women in discovering their magic and sharing it with the world so they can do fulfilling work too.
  • Enjoying a healthy marriage where my partner and I are truly equals.
  • Dreaming up new possibilities for all of us and chasing them to my heart's content.

Are you ready to create the life you've always wanted?

You don't fit in a box.

Neither do our programs.

Find New Possibilities

2 Hour Deep Dive

Feeling stuck and need a shakeup?

 You want to find your magic, decide what dream to chase, or see what's in your way. Let's get you moving forward again. 

Learn more

We'll spend our call getting really fucking clear on what you want. You'll walk away knowing the most important next steps that will get you on your way!

Get Clarity & Confidence

6 Week Catalyst to Change

Ready to make a big change?

You're ready to take the next big leap toward your dreams, but not sure where to start. Let's get you ready to jump!

Learn more

Together, we'll spend six weeks focused on the one big ass change you're ready to make (career, relationship, self-worth, etc.). 

We'll get clear on what you want, what's in your way, and you'll have a solid action plan to keep you going long after our time together is finished. 


Create A Life You Love

12 Week Trailblazer

Is it time to create a new path?

You're looking to dream bigger and reimagine your life. What else is out there?Let's explore the possibilities. 

Learn more

It's time for the big changes and deep work, sister! We'll spend three whole months creating the epic changes you're looking for. 

We'll start by getting clear on what the fuck you want, then come up with a game plan to help you get it, one step at a time. 

Why Would You Hire A Coach?

Look, I get it. The idea of coaching seems a little "woo" or cheesy, right? Like, who the fuck needs an empowerment coach?! I feel you. I never imagined I'd want a coach let alone become one!

Growing up, I spent my summers on the softball field. I think of my coaches as people who were telling me what to do, comparing me to my teammates, and still trying to fit me into a box.

This is different.

I use the word "coach" because that's what people understand. What I really am is a Change Maker and a Catalyst.

What's different here?

  • You already have the answers, I just help you find them. This is your journey. 
  • I'm never going to tell you what to do. We are collaborators. 
  • I will call your bullshit and celebrate the fuck out of your victories. I'll make sure you see and celebrate them too.
  • You can think of me as your tough love friend and fierce cheerleader all rolled into one.
  • Coaching is self-care, my friend. You deserve to say “yes” to yourself. 

What clients have to say about our time together...

"Annie is a fantastic mentor and coach. As a multi-passionate person, I have a hard time putting all of my crazy ideas under one theme or purpose.

Annie, as a muti-passionate person, herself, understands my weaknesses and strengths. When she walks me through ideas, she knows where to lead me for resources and direction.

I’m a big fan of Annie and her work to empower women!"

~Eleisha, entrepreneur and multipotentialite looking to bring all her different passions into her business

"Doing Annie’s 6 week program has given me focused time to explore the things I love and how to incorporate them into meaningful work opportunities.

Our goal was to come up with three different career paths that would be a better fit than the one I’m currently in. We combed through past work experiences, childhood dreams, strengths and weaknesses as well as hobbies and passions. Ultimately I have settled on three solid careers to explore the opportunities in.

I love that Annie listens so well and really hears the meaning behind the words. She even called me on some contradictions, which helped me better understand myself and what was or wasn’t a good fit. (Sniffing out the BS we tell ourselves is one of her super powers!)

I leave every session feeling excited, inspired, and empowered to take the next step. I’m so happy we connected. She is so accessible, positive, and ready to help you write your next chapter, and I would not have been on this path without her!"

~Nikki, looking for a new career path

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