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The Vision: A new kind of travel company dedicated to helping you create your own experiences instead of selling ours.

The future of travel is freedom!

The Only 'Right' Way to Travel is YOUR Way!

My mission is to give you everything you need to create your international trip exactly the way you want.

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Creating an unforgettable travel experience takes more than booking flights and hotels. You need knowledge, insight, resources, and community!

You're fiercely independent and want your travels to be that way too! If the idea of sitting on a giant tour bus being shuttled from place to place sounds like a nightmare, you're in the right place. Welcome, friend!

Life is short and the ride is fast, my friend.

Take the damn trip already!

One Place for All Your Indie Travel Needs

What the hell is indie travel anyway? It's all about doing your travel your way!

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Education: Learn to Travel

If you'd rather learn to plan your own trips the way you want than have someone do it for you, you're in the right place! 

You'll find free resources on the blog, Travel Classes in the Indie Travel Collective, and courses coming soon!

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Community: Find Your People

Creating your own adventures doesn't have to be lonely. Meet other indie travelers, learn to travel smarter, share stories, and have fun!

The Indie Travel Collective membership community is full of amazing humans and valuable resources to help you! Travel Classes included.

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Resources: Plan Your Trip

When planning your trip, having an expert to talk to can be a huge help! These consulting services keep you independent, giving you everything you need to create your trip your way.

Get tips and guides on the blogFull interactive destination guides coming soon!

Coming Soon: Travel Courses & Interactive Destination Guides

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Hey, I’m Annie and indie travel is my jam!

I'm a fiercely independent Explorer, Foodie, and Fun Seeker. You too? Excellent!

I help indie travelers like you save time and money by planning your own trips to Europe and beyond! I'm on a mission to gather all the resources, knowledge, community, and support you need in one place.

For more than 13 years I've planned all my own international trips (mostly Europe). I love taking in iconic sights, finding hidden gems, and making incredible memories. Now I'm putting all the knowledge and skills I've gained into helping you do it too!

Read more of my story here...

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