by Annie 

July 29, 2020

see with different eyes

What is wonder? Wonder is that feeling of being struck dumb by total awesomeness. All thought stops and you are completely absorbed in the moment. You are fully present and all your senses are alight. You are speechless. 

It took some time to figure out what I’ve been missing so intensely about travel during the Covid times. Wonder. The absolute joy I find in having my senses bombarded from every direction with new information has been totally missing the last 4+ months. 

It’s time to find it again.

Searching for Wonder

searching for wonder

Wonder is an essential element to creating an extraordinary life. We can happen upon it by accident or purposefully seek it out. It is a core component of the brilliant colors we use to paint the canvas of our lives. 

Because I’m an adventurer, an explorer, and a seeker, I never realized this was something I could lose! I’ve spent years naturally seeking out these experiences without really giving much thought to what I was chasing. 

How do we intentionally create wonder in our lives? It doesn’t have to be found only in grand, epic adventures. I believe we can find it hiding in the simple things, like the oranges and purples of a sunset or the peaceful sound of rain accompanied by a chorus of bird song. 

Finding Wonder Every Day

wonder in the simple things

Without the ability to move about the world as I have in years past, I’m discovering new ways to find, even a small sense, of wonder. It’s easy to feel like everything is lackluster when we’re seeing the same scenery day after day. But what if we only think it’s the same scenery?

Everything in our environment, from our bodies to the trees, are constantly changing. The stream I walk by today isn’t the same one it was yesterday. What if we could be more present and find wonder in the ways our world is constantly changing? 

Noticing a new flower has bloomed, the shapes of the clouds as they twist across the sky today, or the new growth in a relationship can provide a sense of excitement. What will tomorrow bring?! The anticipation of newness provides wonder in times of seemingly endless repetition. Here are some great ways to cultivate wonder in your everyday life. 

It’s easy to see our worlds as constant and stable, not appreciating the small beauties each day holds because we’re so preoccupied with getting to the next one. We spend our lives trying to get somewhere instead of appreciating the place we’ve already arrived. We’re here, creating this life every single moment! 

I say all of these things to remind myself, as much as share my perspective with you.

The Magic is in the Journey

journey of wonder

We all want an extraordinary life. It starts with the small choices and experiences we engage every single day. You get to decide what extraordinary looks like for you and pursue it with wonder and joy. Create your own path

The good stuff isn’t just waiting for you at the destination, it’s found in the intentional creation of your life. You must live courageously to find it.

It’s easy to let life feel heavy, especially with all that’s going on in the world right now. The uncertainty can feel overwhelming. It can also feel full of possibilities, if you look through a different lens. 

Uncertainty and possibilities are different ways of seeing the same situations. Yes, uncertainty can be SO fucking scary, but you’ve got to get through it somehow. When things feel up in the air, there is always opportunity to explore, to find new paths forward. 

Don’t lose hope. There is still wonder everywhere. 

Explore. Be brave. Life is still full of possibilities.

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Can you remember a time when you were completely wonderstruck? What did you take away from that experience?

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