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July 22, 2020

go your own way

Creating your path in life is not for the weak, especially if you want something extraordinary. You have to be courageous. People are going to judge the shit out of you. You have to want it bad enough to not let that, or your fears, stop you. 

For years, I’ve been actively working to undo the societal programming and old stories that tell me I have to do life a certain way. The joy I find in doing life my own way is absolute. I’m not willing to give it up. Instead, I am determined to find a way.

Be True to You

stand out

There are times I find myself giving too much credit to the opinions of others, rather than trusting myself. Usually this happens when I’m learning something new. There’s a place for listening to experts, but following someone else’s program can feel stifling before long.  

Being an entrepreneur has been one hell of a learning experience! When I was first getting started, I devoured all the information I could get my hands on about building a successful online business. There was one particular week I binged on copywriting and, by the end of the week, I wanted to shut my business and walk away. It was SO frustrating! 

What I discovered is that my voice doesn’t sound like anyone else's. I don’t want to show up with the same tired, formulaic things everyone else is doing. Yes, they work for a lot of people, but if it doesn’t feel authentic to me, then I simply can’t get behind it.

I am unique. So are you. I’m going to make this work, no matter what, so you’ll know it’s possible for you to be different and successful as well. You can be both of these things at the same time.

Find Your Truth and Follow It

follow your truth

Conformity has never been my jam. I like embracing the unexpected and being open to adventure! It’s an awfully fun way to live. An unconventional life doesn’t leave much room for success formulas and step-by-step plans to achieving. Those of us determined to forge our own path, really have to do it our own way. 

Is there a place for that in life and in business? I believe there is. There is a place where we can have fun, serve others well, and still pay our bills. People > Profit. It’s not that complicated. The focus is on serving, and in exchange you receive what you need to keep doing good work in the world. It’s a sustainable cycle. 

Truthfully, I’m figuring it out  as I go. If it looks, from the outside, like I have any idea what I’m doing, then let me clear that up. I’m fucking winging it. Every single day. My intention is to help women find their power. That’s it. Everything else I’m doing is just trying my best to serve that mission, guided by intuition and trust.

Find the Next Right Step

the unclear path

This alternative way of pursuing life comes with its challenges. There are no clear answers. Every step of the way, you’re hoping for the best because you’ve never been here before. There are some who have gone before you, but it’s not a clear or well-worn path you’re walking. That’s okay.

I often come back to this clip from Oprah when I’m unsure about what’s next. You don’t have to see the final destination. There’s not one perfect path to get where you want to be. It doesn’t have to be that heavy. You just need to take the next right step. 

The unconventional life doesn’t offer much in the way of certainty, which can be incredibly uncomfortable. Every time I’m faced with a fork in the road, I come back to this idea. Sometimes the next right step doesn’t look like you think it will or should, but if you trust yourself and your intuition you’ll end up where you need to be. (Here’s more about intuition, if you’re curious.)

What this kind of life does offer is a head full of unbelievable memories and a heart full of joy. That’s what life is for right?! To live! There’s delight in the simple things -- a colorful sunset, a hug from a friend, or an evening of relaxation, but not if you’re not paying attention. 

That, my friend, is the key to the extraordinary life. Pay attention. Engage this moment because this is where your life is happening. Have grand adventures! Do what lights you up. The time will pass no matter what, so fill it with the good stuff.

Are You Ready?

Your Life is Waiting

Are you ready for your extraordinary life? Are you willing to say “yes” to uncertainty, confronting your old stories, and letting go of everyone else’s judgements in order to have the life you want? I think you are. You can feel it, right there in the middle of your chest. You can feel that part of running for the open door of possibilities, ready for your time to shine. 

What are you waiting for?

Use Your Voice

What does your extraordinary life look like? What’s keeping you from saying “yes” to it?

Share your big ‘ol dreams in the comments!

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