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August 12, 2020

clarity for the path ahead

You know it’s time for change. You can feel yourself being pulled toward something, but you’re not sure what it is. If you don’t figure it out soon, you’re going to find yourself frustrated and feeling stuck. We don’t have time for that because the world needs you to discover your magic and use it. You have to find clarity before you can move forward.

It’s time to step into the next level of who you are becoming. This growth process isn’t always easy and finding the answers you’re looking for requires some deep inner work. That’s what we’re here for, right?! We’re here to become the best version of ourselves and use our unique gifts to build lives and businesses we love that make the world a better place. 

Now we must answer the call. To do that, we first have to know where we’re going. Let’s explore ways to find the clarity you need and to reach the next level of your life. 

Leave Your Baggage Behind

let go of your baggage

Getting clear on what’s next for our lives starts with really getting to know ourselves. Before we can discover the next level of who we’re becoming, we first have to let go of what’s been holding us back. Ideas about perfection, judgement (for ourselves and others), attachment to outcomes, and the need for control are just a few things that keep us from moving forward. 

As you dive into some of the questions designed to help you find clarity, try to keep these truths in mind. 

  • Perfection isn’t real. It’s someone’s idea of how things “should” be. I hate that word. It keeps us stuck in other people’s expectations.  Here’s a post that might help you release your Should Stories.
  • There’s no “wrong” or “right” way of being in the world. Judging yourself or others based on these ideas doesn’t do anything productive. You get to find the way that’s best for you. 
  • All you can do is show up and do the work. You don’t get to control what happens after that. Do your best and then let it be. (Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic has some great insights on this one!)
  • Control is an illusion. The only thing you EVER have control of is you. Stop fighting it and enjoy the ride. You can struggle against the flow or you can work with it. The choice is yours.

Write them down. Tattoo them on your forehead. Whatever it takes, but keep revisiting them because our programming runs deep on these topics. It’s a constant practice to see when we fall into these traps and pull ourselves back out.

Get Clear On Your Destination

clarity on your destination

Whew, now that we’ve established some basics, let’s get down to business! How do you know what your magic is? How do you know what’s calling to you and will help you create the life and/or business you really want? Here’s a post about finding your magic that might help you get started. 

Before you can start creating the next level of your life and business, you have to know what that looks like. Right now, we’re not worried about “how” we get there. We simply want to get clear on where we want to go. 

Journaling is one of my favorite ways to organize my thoughts and let my intuition flow through the pen. You can use these questions to help you start thinking about what you’d like to create for your life. 

  • What is the impact you want to make in the world?

  • What do you want to be remembered for?

  • What problems do you want to help solve? (These might be big, global issues or something you see friends or organizations struggling with every day.)

  • What activities do you totally get lost in?

  • If you didn’t have to worry about time or money, how would you spend your days? (Write down anything that sounds fun and exciting. We’re exploring options right now, not narrowing them down.)

The goal is to spend more of our time doing activities we love and work that leaves us fulfilled. This isn’t a five minute exercise. This is your life. Spend some time letting these questions marinade in your consciousness. They may change over time, so you’ll want to revisit them regularly as you’re walking the unbeaten path. 

If you’ve spent time working on these answers and are still not finding the clarity you want, schedule a free call with me and we’ll talk through it together. 🙂

Strengthen Your Inner Muscles

do your inner work

We already talked about what we need to let go, but there are also aspects of ourselves that we can strengthen to help us on our journey: intuition, courage, and trust. We’ll have to step into the unknown to reach the next level. There’s no getting around it. We’ve never been there before so it’s going to require us to listen to our intuition, take courageous action, while trusting ourselves and life to show us the way. 

“Trust” was the word I chose on my birthday in 2019 for the next year. Damn, I had no idea what I was getting myself into that with one! My ability to trust has been stretched in a thousand ways over the last 10 months. There are plenty of days I still struggle to trust, but I’ve come a long way. 

Without consciously working on trust, I would be curled up in a ball under the bed waiting for the insanity of the world to subside. Here’s the thing, it never ends. We’re always going to be thrown curve balls when we’re creating something new for ourselves. Sometimes we could never have predicted what’s happening and have to feel our way through it. Trust is what helps us hold onto hope and keep going. 

Intuition is our internal compass that’s going to show us the way, once we get clear on where we want to go. Getting in touch with your intuition doesn’t have to be difficult, you simply have to be quiet and listen. There are a number of ways to get in tune with our inner “knowing”, and here are a few to get started

Courage is one of my favorite topics. It’s what will get you from where you are now to where you want to be. The path will become clear as you go, but you’re going to need courage to walk it. Without courage you’ll see the path, decide it’s too scary, quit, and be right back where you started, wanting change. No more, my friend. We know how to do scary shit.

Focus on the Next Right Step

find the next right move

Once you have clarity on where you want to go in life and what you want to create, it’s time to start putting together ideas about how to get there. Be careful of getting trapped in the “How Hole” -- not seeing every last one of the steps to reach your goal, so you never start. 

One of the most important things to remember as you embark on this journey is that you don’t have to see the entire path to your destination. All you need is the next right step. Rarely does the entire path materialize and when you look back, it doesn’t usually doesn’t unfold the way you thought it would.

I regularly come back to this clip from Oprah about this exact topic. When I start feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next, I’ll ask my intuition, “What’s the next right step?” Sometimes it’s slowing down and continuing to work on something I’ve already set in motion. Other times I’ll get a lightbulb and flood of ideas for new things to create.

This is where the trust comes in. You might not get a clear answer right away. Don’t be discouraged. Continue asking the question and sit quietly. Maybe there isn’t an answer right now, or perhaps you’re already on the right path. Trust that the answer will be there when it’s time. Follow the signs of life. Keep doing what feels good, even if you don’t see how it’s going to get you there. 

One of the biggest things I’ve learned on this journey is that it rarely looks like you think it will. Opportunities show up out of nowhere that are exactly what you needed, but never would have thought about. Ideas will come rushing in just when you want to give up. I am SO here to support you in this journey. If you’re still feeling stuck or unsure, schedule a call and, together, we’ll find your next right step. 

Trust yourself. Take courageous action. Keep going. The world needs you to show up and share your magic. 

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