Plan the Trips You've Always Wanted to Take

You don't fit in a box. 

Neither should your travels.

When it comes to seeing the world, you want something different. You don't want to do what everyone else is doing. 

This is where you learn to create the travel experiences you've always wanted to have. 

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Calling All Rebels, Rule-Breakers & Misfits!

If you want:

  • the freedom to see the world your way -- without big bus tours, cruise ships, or all-inclusive resorts...
  • travel experiences that are more unique, fun, and affordable...
  • the confidence to plan your own international trips and focus on what's most important to you...

Then you're in the right place! 

This is for you if:

  • You've traveled abroad, either with family or on an organized tour, and you had fun, but you also know there has to be a better way. You’re right! There is.
  • You’ve never left your home country and the idea of figuring out how to plan an international trip is super intimidating. You're wondering, “Where do I even start?!” Here. You start here.
  • You're already an adventurous soul who's struck out to explore a bit! Now that you've had a taste, you want to know all the tricks for saving and creating even more epic experiences. Welcome, friend!

In this online, self-paced course, you'll learn how to plan and customize your own international trips based on your interests, time, budget, and ideal experience! 

What you’ll Learn

In this course, we walk through every single step that goes into planning an international trip!

You will learn how to customize every element of your travels to fit your interests, budget, and time.

The four hours of video lessons are available for you to watch when it's most convenient for you! 

You also get a downloadable guide with all the resources we cover that you can refer to time and again. 


You'll learn how to design your ideal trip, every single time. It starts with understanding what you want from the experience and then using the tools from the rest of the course to create it -- your way.

Destinations & Itineraries

Once you know what you want, you'll learn how to find the perfect destination for your ideal experience. Then you'll discover multiple ways to turn that destination into an itinerary you'll love!

Prioritizing & Saving Money

You'll see how to decide the essential elements for your experience based on your unique interests and desires. Then you'll learn how to maximize your money and save, based on those essential elements! 

Saving Hundreds on Flights

Flights are essential for international travel, but you don't want to spend all your money on this one piece. You'll get strategies, tips, and multiple ways to configure flights for maximum savings.

Accommodations + Transportation

These two elements are foundational pieces for creating any travel experience. You'll learn tools, strategies, and money-saving tips so you can find the best of both for your ideal experience.


There's no one "right" way to visit a destination. You'll see how to plan (or not) your days with as little or as much structure as you'd like. Tips for getting off the beaten path and tools for saving will help too!

How Much Is It?

$100 is all it will cost you to learn how to save hundreds on your next trip alone!

What you’ll learn here will add up to thousands over the years because you can use it again and again! 

Yes, this course is absolutely worth more than $100! So...

Why is it so affordable?

I want this to be an easy “yes” for you! Doing new things or trying a new way can be super intimidating! If it's expensive to learn how to do it, then it’s easy to make excuses and not do it at all.

The most important thing to me is that you get your ass on that plane! I don’t want you to spend a ton of money on learning. I want you to go travel!

Hi, I'm Annie!

My first travel experiences were more traditional -- a Caribbean cruise and an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. I had fun, but I wanted more freedom!

During my first trip to Europe in 2008, I fell in love with indie travel.

After burning down my corporate career, I stumbled into teaching junior high school. I realized I've always been a teacher! I just learned to do it better.

Now I’m combining my passions and superpowers -- travel and teaching -- to share everything I've learned about indie travel over the years.

I wish something like this would have existed when I so badly wanted to see more of the world! Now I'm making it.

I want to give you the “fast pass” so you don’t have to go through all the hard knocks and expensive lessons I did!

I hope you love it and I can’t wait to get to know you in the course!

How Does This Course Work?

You’re a fully capable human and can decide the best way for you to consume the content. 

Rather than spoon-feeding it a bit at a time, you get access to all the content right away so you can to choose your adventure!

How is the content delivered?
  • 4 hours of video lessons covering each element of a trip
  • Downloadable file with all the tools, strategies, and resources
What else is included?
  • A community area to interact with other participants
  • Monthly Q&A calls  you can join forever
  1. Lifetime access to the course content so you can work through it at your own pace.
  2. Step-by-step, nuts and bolts skills to take you from inspiration to living the experience. 
  3. The confidence to know you can totally do this on your own!
  4. Monthly live Q&A call where you can ask all your questions and get answers in real time. 

How Do You Know I'm Legit?

While there will have to be an element of trust, I’ll do my best to give you some real numbers to help you see what’s possible.

This is the first time I’m offering this specific course, but here's what I’ve done for myself and what others who have worked with me have to say!

The proof is in the numbers!

$444.20 is what I paid in July 2022 for three international flights and two domestic flights for October and November  -- to Toronto, Peru and home again. What's that about crazy expensive flight prices?!

I did it using a combination of flight points, wizard level research skills, and money-saving strategies. You’ll learn all of them here! (The total would have been $903 without flight points -- I’m all about transparency!)

What Others Say About Working With Me

“She gave us the confidence to get here (Scotland), but the freedom to enjoy ourselves and just be us when we got here. This will not be our last trip planned with her and I will recommend her to the end of my days.”

~Alyssa B. one-on-one consulting client

I’m going to teach you how to do for yourself what I just did for her!

“Seriously, all the information you put out there was crazy helpful. I realized I have far less anxiety about all the things thanks to you.”

~Erika W. loyal follower, friend, and consumer of my free content. 

“Didn’t you teach us how to use Excel and what not in middle school? If it was you, I gotta thank you because Excel rules!”

~Hunter N., former student

If I can teach 7th graders how to use Excel, I can teach you how to travel!

What Are You Waiting For?

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Look, if you get into this and think it’s bullshit, I’m not going to argue. I’m happy to provide a refund within the first month of the course. 

No questions asked.

Still Not Sure?

That's okay! Maybe you want more time to think about it or to see what I'm about. 

You can simply sign up for the Indie Travel Dispatch to get more indie travel stories, news, and inspiration every week.

We can get to know each other that way too! :)