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June 10, 2020

door to purpose

You know you’ve got magic. You can feel it! Maybe you call it purpose or meaning, but it’s something unique that you want to do or create in the world, and no one else could do it the same way you do. Do you know what it is? If not, stick around. It’s time to find it. 

What Is Magic?

find your purpose

I call it magic. Some people call it “purpose” or “what you’re here to do”, but that lacks the free will element that I love. It’s the things that lights you up and you just can’t get enough. You think about them during your lunch break and while you’re brushing your teeth at night. It’s the activities you can’t wait to get back to. Sometimes they’re the best part of your day.

Your magic is the work you would do for free because it makes you so happy. Whether it’s painting landscapes, traveling the world, or writing a novel, it comes from your essence and you just can’t help yourself. When you try, you’re miserable. But you haven’t figured out how to build your work around it. 

Magic can be tricky to find. It’s hard to see it in ourselves because usually it’s something we do so naturally, it’s like breathing. We don’t even realize it’s unique. Sometimes it’s even a surprise that others want to learn it, have never even thought about it, or even see it as something special. But it is. And it’s yours. And you’ve just gotta share it!

Are you ready?

Space Travel

your inner work

To find our magic, we’re going to the “inner space” to find the answers. This is where all our dreams live alongside the stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t have them. The first step to finding your magic is getting to know yourself in a different way. 

We all go through the painful and awkward experience of figuring out who we are and who we want to be in the world as teenagers. You probably have cringe-worthy memories of that time period, just like I do. As an adult, I got a front row seat to this tumultuous period during my three years of teaching Junior High. It’s a hot mess and a beautiful transformation to watch unfold. 

Once we’re through the teenage times, we stop thinking much about who we are. We’ve decided, and we just keep going. But so much has happened since then! Have you taken the time to check in with that “you” that was formed all those years ago?

It’s time to pay a visit.

Reconnecting With You

knowing yourself

Doing the inner work doesn’t have to be an arduous journey. We think it means hours spent in meditation and reading self-help books, week-long yoga retreats, or years in therapy. There’s so much value in those things (I love me a good self-help book!), but it can feel overwhelming. 

Keep it simple. Do what works for you, but do something. Stay curious and don’t judge. It’s just you. Sometimes we find uncomfortable surprises - outdated beliefs or prejudices, painful memories, etc. If you can follow those two principles, it will be much easier! 

Note: If you’re working with a professional therapist, follow their advice. These exercises are not meant for bringing up or working through trauma. This is to create a better understanding of yourself and what you love.

Exploration Exercise

Let’s get some general answers about what your magic might be. As you do this exercise, write whatever comes to mind. Don’t tell yourself it’s stupid or feel the need to justify your answers. Everything is valid. Just write it down!

Ask yourself these questions and journal that shit up!

  • What activities did you love when you were young?

  • What did you love about them? (Connecting with friends, the feeling of belonging, learning something new, using your imagination, creating, etc.)

  • What impact do you want to make in the world? What do you want to be remembered for?

  • If someone you don’t know was asking a friend to describe you, what would you like them to say? (She’s kind, strong, loyal, adventurous, funny, etc.)

  • What are you good at? What have people come to you for over the years, both in your personal and professional life?

  • If you didn’t have to worry about making money, what work would you do in the world?

Your answers might seem like a bunch of different things that don’t go together. That’s totally okay and normal! Write them down and just let them simmer. Sometimes patterns will emerge where it looks like chaos, at first. Patience, my friend.

A New Perspective

putting pieces together

This is where you get to dream real big! Look at these different pieces of what you love and think about different ways they could come together. Again, there are no right or wrong answers, you just get to daydream! 

Think about the impact you want to make, and look at the different activities you love and skills you’ve collected over the years. What different ways can you put them together to achieve your goal? Maybe you’ll need to gather some new skills or knowledge before you could figure out “how” it could work. That’s fine. We’ll get there.  Write them down anyway!

Stay curious. (Another thing you’ll hear me say often.) Nothing generates great ideas better than curiosity. Nothing kills them faster than judgement. Keep asking, “what if it was possible?” When it sounds totally insane, but would be awesome, keep asking, “How could it happen?” Maybe it won’t, but there’s no danger in exploring the idea. Dust off that imagination. Put it to good use again. 

If you get stuck, I LOVE helping people with these exercises and would be happy to brainstorm it with you for an hour or so. Totally free, just some fun. You can schedule a call here, if you feel so inclined. 🙂 

We Need You to Unlock Your Magic

find your purpose

Seriously, we do. There are people out there who need it! It will change their lives and you’ll feel amazing and fulfilled doing it. Don’t deprive all of us the opportunity to experience your awesomeness! 

You get to go to bed every night feeling full of joy and gratitude for the amazing experience of living this life. Your people, the ones that need what you have to give, will sleep well knowing you helped them. Everyone wins.

You always have a choice. (You’ll hear this on the regular too.) You can choose to do nothing. Maybe it sounds too hard, or maybe you just don’t care that much. That’s totally okay. But make it a conscious choice instead of the default. Be clear about what your life will look like both ways, and decide what’s worth it to you. There are no wrong answers. 

This doesn’t mean you have to be an entrepreneur, if that’s not your jam. There very well may be a great way you can use your magic in a more traditional workplace. The point is to see what else is out there. Find a way to do work that leaves you fulfilled. There is a way. 

Find your magic. Use it. Make the world a better place. Be fucking happy.

Use Your Voice

Do you know what your magic is? How do you use it in the world? Leave a comment with your thoughts so we can share the experience!

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