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A community dedicated to providing everything independent travelers, like you, need to create unforgettable travel experiences around the world.

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with other like-minded travelers! Ask questions, find inspiration, and make  new friends along the way.


how to create your own travel experiences with travel classes, resources, and live events.


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Independent Travel Doesn't Have to Be Lonely!

Have you ever finished all the research and bookings for your trip only to wonder if you've missed something awesome?

When I first started traveling, everything was a guessing game. There was no place online to talk with other independent travelers. I wanted a community of like-minded people to swap stories and resources with!

This is why the Indie Travel Collective was created -- to bring independent travelers together, creating friendships and helping each other create the most amazing travel experiences! 

Are These My People?

The Indie Travel Collective was made for you if you... 

  • Want to travel far and wide! We talk about lots of different places all around the world.
  • Don't like to follow the crowd. The idea of being stuck with a group and someone else's agenda is a "no" for you.
  • Enjoy learning from others and sharing your knowledge. This is a home for new and experienced travelers alike!
  • Love connecting with other awesome, supportive humans and talking about travel!

We Believe

You can see the world with the time and money you have to spend.

Travel is not a product to be consumed but an experience to be enjoyed.

Venturing beyond our homeland makes us kinder, braver, and more open-minded humans.

Everything, including travel, is easier when we help each other.

Life is meant to be lived. We’re not here to just pay bills and die.

How much is it?

This is what you want to know and you don't have to scroll to the bottom to find out!

You'll get two weeks of free access to the community so you can decide if you love it! I think you will!



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per year (15% discount)

How Independent Travelers Connect?

Monthly Travel Classes

Every month we host a live travel class where you’ll get the knowledge and skills to help you maximize the time and money you have to spend on travel. You’ll learn everything from how to use Skyscanner to save hundreds on flights to planning the perfect itinerary for your next trip. Replays are always available in the portal for members.

Monthly Q&A Calls

Get all your travel questions answered on our live Q&A calls! Whether you want destination info or have questions about the best place to book tickets for a local event, bring it! If we don’t know the answer on the call, we’ll find it for you! If you can’t make it live, you can ask your questions and we’ll record the call so you can watch later.

Virtual Meetups

While we love to share resources, we love to have fun together too! Every month we'll gather for a coffee chat / happy hour. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow community members and swap stories with awesome humans who love travel the way you do.

Online Portal for Conversation

Outside of our live events, you’ll have unlimited access to the online portal on Circle to share your adventures, connect with your fellow independent travelers, ask questions, watch replays, browse travel deals, and access a multitude of travel resources! 

Upcoming Live Events

Here's what's next for members of the Indie Travel Collective!

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Travel Stories:

Peak of the Balkans Trek

July 9 @ 9 AM Pacific

Hear from three indie travelers who just completed a twelve-day trek across the mountains of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro!

diy travel



July 12 @ 11 aM Pacific

Our monthly community gathering where you get answers to all your travel questions! 

independent travelers coffee chat



July 6 @ 10 AM Pacific

Grab your favorite beverage, meet your fellow independent travelers, swap stories, and have fun!

When You Join, You Can Expect...

A Warm Welcome

You’ll feel right at home among your fellow supportive, encouraging, and inspiring independent travelers. We’re all passionate about seeing the world on our own terms and helping each other do the same. Hop into the portal, introduce yourself, and start making new friends!  

Immediate Access to the Good Stuff

When you join, you’ll get immediate access to everything in our community portal. This includes all the upcoming live events, past replays, resources, and all conversations past and present.

An Urge to Buy Plane Tickets!

With all the travel deals and inspiration members share in our community, you’ll be booking your next trip in no time! It’s super inspiring to see where other members are traveling, plus we share travel deals from around the internet on the regular.

Fresh Content on the Regular

Whether it’s a new live workshop, member-only video, or destination guide, we’re always creating new content that will help you navigate the ins and outs of planning your own epic travel experiences.

What Else Do Independent Travelers Get?

Travel Planning Resources: 

Recordings of Travel Classes and Q&A calls, travel deals, templates for organizing your plans, and more is always on the way.

Discounts & Exclusive Events: 

Special discounts on travel planning services  + exclusive community events. 

Destination Guides: (coming soon!)

An ever-growing library of information for destinations across Europe and the US (for now).

What Our Community Members Have to Say...

The Indie Travel Collective is a fantastic community to discuss all things travel! This uplifting community is a great place for travel inspiration, deals, and discussions about all things travel.

My favorite piece is the resources that Annie puts together to help independent travelers plan their dream vacations!

I've always wanted to travel the world but had zero idea where to start. When I came across the Indie Travel Collective I knew that I had landed in a gold mine. Now I have the confidence and support from a group of fellow wanderers along with all the resources I need to travel the world.

independent travelers testimonial from erika

Erika W.

ITC Member

It's a group experience for those of us who dislike group travel!

When you're an independent traveler, that doesn't mean you want to travel alone! We want the flexibility and excitement of planning ourselves and following our nose, but it's nice to have others to share our experiences with. That's what the Indie Travel Collective is for! 

You'll get insight on deals, resources, and travel hacks, AND you'll have a community to share it with. We encourage each other to try new things or celebrate our discoveries and achievements. 

If you're new to planning your own travel, Annie and the community are here to help you learn the skills. 

If you're an experienced traveler who loves sharing what you've learned, you'll find no better place to do it than the Indie Travel Collective. 

Ted C.

ITC Member

The Indie Travel Collective has quickly become one of my favorite virtual spaces!

Annie, who heads up the community is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things travel AND she's super real. She's someone you can get comfortable with almost immediately and who feels like an old friend from the moment you meet her. 

If you want to learn more about busting out of your regular routine and visiting some truly interesting destinations, this community is the place for you! Not only will you learn how to travel on damn near any budget, but you'll also learn about new places, travel tips, and best of all, you'll get to connect with other travel-minded people. 

Cheers, Salute, and Hell Yes to the Indie Travel Collective!

independent travelers testimonial from Sarah

Sarah H.

ITC Member

Have a Look at the Indie Travel Collective

It's hard to say "yes" to something you've never seen so here's a little sneak peek into the platform and space we share.

This is what new members will see when they login.

You'll get a video tour of our online home so you feel comfortable jumping right in!

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This is what the "feed" looks for returning members.

Sort the posts however you'd like -- there are no algorithms telling you what to do!

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Once a "Travel Class" is done, it becomes a replay you can access anytime in the portal.

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Pricing Plans

You'll get two weeks of free access to the community so you can decide if you love it! I think you will!




Join now to meet your new friends and get access to all the travel goodness!


What if the live event times don’t match my schedule?

If you can't make it to the Travel Class or Q&A Call live, you'll have access to the replay. If you have a question for the Q&A call but can't make it live, simply send me a message and I'll be sure to answer it so you can see it on the replay. Virtual Coffee Chat / Happy Hour events aren't recorded allowing participants to connect authentically without worrying about having it watched back later. 

What platform do I use to access the community?

The Indie Travel Collective is hosted on the Circle platform. We chose to keep this community outside of Facebook to give independent travelers a place to connect without additional distractions. The interface is intuitive and functions similar to what you're used to on other social media platforms but this space is just for you and your travel friends. You can get a sneak peak of what it looks like here

How easy is it to cancel my membership?

It's super easy! You can do it yourself with just a few clicks in the "Subscriptions" area of your profile. We think you're going to love being a part of this community so we don't make it difficult to leave. We'll even refund one month of your membership if you're not totally happy. 

You didn’t answer my question.

That's not a question, but I'll find an answer for you. Email annie@intothebold.com (that's me!) and I'll find an answer for you, even if I have to scour the internet for it. :)

The world is waiting. Are you ready?

We're here to help you get out and do more of what you love -- travel!

Cheers to all you independent travelers out there who want to see the world your way!

Adventure on, my friend. <3

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