Travel Consulting Services

for Independent Travelers

It's Time to Up Your Travel Game!

I help fiercely independent travelers like you save money, travel smarter, and create their own trips with confidence! 

These travel consulting services provide only the help you want and nothing more!  Get answers to your questions, expert insights on your travel plans, or help with research and creating your itinerary.  

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Save Money

Resources, insights, and tips to maximize your time and money without sacrificing the good stuff!

Travel Smarter

Knowing what to expect when you're on the road will help you avoid costly mistakes! 

Plan With Confidence

Talk to a real person who's been planning and taking indie trips to Europe for 13+ years!

Travel Consulting Services

You're an independent traveler and want to stay that way. 

These travel consulting services are designed to save you time and money without compromising your independence! You'll get answers to all your questions, plus personalized insights and resources to make your next adventure the best one yet!

One-Hour Travel Consultation Session

You already have ideas or travel plans in the works but would like to talk to an expert who can answer your questions and provide helpful insights.

Personalized Destination Research

You know exactly where you want to go, but don’t want to spend hours researching every last detail about your destination! I've got you.


Itinerary Design

You have ideas about which destinations you’d like to visit, but want some help turning those ideas into an epic itinerary you’ll love!

Areas of Expertise

While I can help with most indie travel related requests, these are the areas where my skills are next level!

Indie Travel Planning

When it comes to bringing all the essential elements of an international trip together, I'm a boss! I'll cover bases you never even knew existed. 

Creating an amazing experience is finding the right balance of structure and totally winging it!

European Destinations

From the waterfalls of Iceland to medieval towns in Romania, I've spent over thirteen years traveling  in Europe, from city to countryside and back again.

Understanding the regions and what traveling is like in each of them helps you create a better experience!

Maximizing Your Money

It's all about your priorities. Spend on what matters most. I've mastered the art of saving money without sacrificing the authenticity or experience!

If you want to make sure you're getting the most out of the money you have to spend, I've got you covered!

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Here's what clients have had to say about their experiences...

Turning Ideas Into Reality

I recently completed one of Annie’s Travel Planning Sessions for a trip I am planning through the Balkans.

I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and informative as well as a whole bunch of fun. (I couldn’t believe how fast the hour flew by).

She listened to my plans and then was able to weave in some suggestions that finally helped my itinerary start to take shape.

Thank you, Annie!"

Scott T. Hospitality Manager

Bringing Travel Dreams to Life

Thank you for helping make my dream of traveling to Ireland a reality. If it wasn’t for your voice and guidance, I don’t think I would have made it happen.

I know you feel it too, but one big thing… one big scary life-changing thing, really opens your eyes to all the other life-changing opportunities that are just patiently waiting for us to move forward. Sine metu.

(Customized Itinerary Design)

Kaitlyn L. Fitness Instructor

One-Hour Travel Consultation Session

Answers to your questions, expert insights, and a more memorable trip in just one hour!

Your Questions, Answered

Anytime you're doing something new, there will be questions. Whether you're setting out to a new destination or thinking about using a new mode of transportation, I'm here to help! 

In this one-hour session, we'll talk through your plans and you'll get ask all your questions. If I don't know the answer on the call, I'll find it for you and send it over!

Expert Insights

Talking to someone who has done what you want to do can give you a huge confidence boost!

When you get the inside scoop on a destination or discover new ways to save money, you'll feel totally prepared for your next adventure. I can't wait to chat with you!

Additional Resources

During our time together, I'll share every last resource and bit of knowledge I have available to help you create an experience that will blow your mind! 

After our call, you'll receive an email recap of our conversation that includes everything we covered, links to resources, and tips for making your trip the best one yet!

Price: $50

or send me an email for more info

Personalized Destination Research

Get a personalized travel guide to your destination! You relax, I'll research.

Choose Your Own Adventure

You want all the information, but don't want to spend hours online trying to find it all. I'm here for you!

Want to check out every art gallery in the city? Cool, I've got you. Want to know the best place to get a traditional meal? I'm on it. I'll find whatever you want and put it all together in an easy-to-use guide.

Maps & Links to All the Good Stuff

Your guide will include a downloadable Google Map with customized markers for sights, food, entertainment and more!

You'll receive information about each attractions, plus links for you to learn more and pre-booking options. It's like someone has scoured the internet for everything you want to know and put it all in one place. Yep, that's what I do!

Printable & Downloadable Guide

You'll receive your guide as a PDF document that you can download or print to take with you. The links will be active so you can access information on the fly!

Save paper by going fully digital or only print the elements you need. You can customize it to your heart's content!

Price Varies by Complexity: Starts at $150

Complete the form with the information about your trip and receive a quote in 48 hours!

Customized Itinerary Design

Get expert assistance in creating an itinerary you'll love!

Choose Your Adventure

There's no limit to what we can do together! Choose your destinations and, together, we'll weave them into an itinerary that fits your time and budget. 

Whether you want to explore the cities or wander the wilderness (maybe a little bit of each?), nothing is off-limits. Your vision drives the design. 

Expertly Designed

With a flare for designing epic itineraries, I'm about to put all my skills to work for YOU! You'll get every last bit of knowledge, insight, and important information I have on offer. 

You'll receive three itineraries to choose from, with timelines and details about getting around, so you can select the best option for your experience. Then we'll bring all the pieces together!

Fully Customizable

The only limits are your imagination! From accommodations to transportation, we'll work through every part of your trip to create the experience you've been imagining all along.  

You'll receive recommendations based on your interests and priorities. I'll do the research, you take care of the bookings. 

At the end, you'll receive a full PDF itinerary and personalized guide for each destinations. 

Varies by Itinerary: Starts at $50 per day planned

More Resources for Your Indie Travel Needs

If these travel consulting services don't fit the bill, check out these other options!

clarity on your destination

Education: Learn to Travel

If you'd rather learn to plan your own trips the way you want than have someone do it for you, you're in the right place! 

You'll find free resources on the blog and courses coming soon!

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Community: Find Your People

Creating your own adventures doesn't have to be lonely. Meet other indie travelers, join Travel Classes share stories, and have fun!

The Indie Travel Collective membership community is full of amazing humans to meet and resources to help you! 

follow your truth

Resources: Plan Your Trip

The blog is full of tips for saving money on flights, accommodations, transportation and more! Here's a guide to get you started on planning an indie trip to Europe. New articles are posted on the regular!

Full interactive destination guides coming soon!

Coming Soon: Travel Courses & Interactive Destination Guides

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