by Annie 

February 26, 2021

work with your energy flow
Do you know how to work with your energy when it starts to shift?

In our culture, we’re taught to always be pushing, growing, hustling. We’re told to focus on external measurements and results rather than working with our own natural rhythms. There isn’t much attention given to rest and slowing down is, many times, discouraged.  

Truth: the way our energy flows changes over the course of days, weeks, and seasons.  

Last week, I was reminded of this in an unexpected way -- hiking. I was on a solo road trip through Arizona and, while in Page, I picked a totally gnarly trail that kicked my ass. I was up for it and, by the end, felt awesome and accomplished. 

A couple days later, while trying to choose a hike in Sedona, I thought I was up for pushing myself again. I wasn’t. Once on the trail, I quickly realized I really wanted something easy and leisurely instead. This experience helped me see that my energy isn’t the same every day. How I choose to exert myself one day can totally influence how I feel for the rest of a week. 

I decided to listen to my body and go for the easier hike. I was not disappointed! The red rocks and trees were absolutely breathtaking and it felt awesome to give myself permission to do what felt right instead of giving into the “should” stories in my head. 

By honoring my need to take things easier and slower, I was reminded how important it is to make room for periods of integration and rest. Constant growth is unsustainable, we need time for processing and rejuvenation! If we don’t listen to the cues our body and mind are sending, we burn out. 

Watch the video for a few more insights I received on the trail.

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