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Published: May 7, 2021

Updated:  August 7, 2022
letting go means joy

Every once in a while, something reminds us that life is short and our time on earth is limited. It highlights how quickly my own time is passing, immediately followed by an urgency to make the most of all the moments I have left. When I’m confronted with this sometimes uncomfortable reality, my first instinct is to buy some plane tickets!

See, waiting until I’m retired or rolling in stacks of cash isn’t going to work for me. Life is happening now and it’s not waiting for me to have everything figured out. It will keep moving and I can jump on board or watch it pass me by. Knowing that tomorrow is no guarantee, I’m not willing to wait to start living the life I want. Are you?

I have all sorts of stories about why I “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do the things that set my heart on fire and I bet you do too. We’ve been taught to put our deepest desires on the back burner and deny ourselves the joy of living in order to follow the path society has laid out for us. Today, I’m here to turn some of those stories on their head and tell you a few reasons why, “Fuck it, let’s go!” is one of the best things you’ll ever say to yourself.

Which Part of You Wins?

Have you ever wanted to do something epic and it sparks an internal conflict? This happens to me almost every time I get the itch to try something new. It’s like the angel and devil from my days of Saturday morning cartoons show up to sit on my shoulders pleading their cases. Angel says, “Be reasonable. Work hard now and there will be plenty of time to play later.” Devil counters with, “Life is short! Don’t wait, seize the day!” What if their roles were reversed? 

What if the part of us that wants to see, explore, and have amazing adventures is actually the best part of you, the angel, wanting to experience the fullness of life?! The “devil” just might be the one that’s trying to hold you back, keep you in the comfort zone, and not rock the boat, which is the opposite of what we usually see in these scenes. I’ve spent enough time with myself to know that my gremlins, as I call them, turn my own fears into perfectly logical reasons to stay home and play it safe. 

At the end of your days, I seriously doubt you’ll wish you would have spent more time working. I’m not suggesting you leave your bills unpaid or recklessly spend your resources, but simply to make your own happiness a priority. Choosing to enjoy this one life you’ve got doesn’t seem irresponsible or unreasonable to me.

“Someday” Isn’t Guaranteed

Nothing I’m about to say here is new information. I know you’ve heard it before, but you just might need to hear it again. I know I do sometimes. There is absolutely no contract that says you’re promised the “someday” you’ve been waiting for to do the things you want to do. Make today your someday.

Stop waiting and making excuses for not living the life you want! You have no idea how much time you have left. Neither do I.  Are you okay with waking up one day with a long list of things you regret not doing? That’s going to be a no for me. Life is short and I’m not trying to push my luck and hope that “someday” works out.

You deserve to live your most epic life! All any of us know for sure is that we get to do this once. We get ONE life to enjoy the experience of being a human on this planet. Don’t fucking waste it! It doesn’t matter what your dreams are, just chase them. There’s no amount of money saved or hours worked that will make up for a life not lived. 

Take the damn trip already. 

If you don’t know where to start with budgeting or planning, I’m here for you! Maybe one of these services is just the right fit to help you start putting the pieces together.

Now get out there. The world is waiting for you!

Your Turn

What big dreams have you been waiting for “someday” to pursue? What’s keeping you from going for it now?

I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts and stories in the comments!

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  1. two years ago, first trip to Europe was aborted due to pandemic; hasn’t been right yet to re-plan trip as we are quite concerned still about the effects of the pandemic on prospective destinations

    1. Ah, I’m so sorry you had to abandon that trip! 🙁 Destinations are looking much more accessible these days. I hope you’re able to revisit your plans in the next year or so!

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